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Rabitirtha Vidyalaya (Kalyani)

The school had been established by the organisers of Bedibhawan Rabitirtha Vidyalaya to fulfill the desire of the people of the Kalyani township who were eager to get the service of this institution at their door steps. .


The activities of some youngsters to kindle the light of education, culture and social conscience amongst the growing youth of a backward and unconcerned area culminated to the foundation of BEDIBHAWAN RABITIRTHA. The idea of the promising institution sprouted in the year 1977. On 8th January 1978 the journey started with a modest celebration.

In 2003 the journey of Rabitirtha Vidyalaya (Kalyani) had been initiated by the founders of Bedibhawan Rabitirtha in the auspicious presence of the dignified citizens and well wishers of Kalyani.