Pre-Primary & Primary


We call it the Blossoms or Mukul. The children are the most beautiful flowers. The tiny tots of 3, 4 and 5 years take part in joyful learning in play-way method. Teachers of the unit help them in building the habit of self-support and friendship among the peers and to do by imitating the good attributes from each other.


The Primary unit comprising the Classes from I to V is called the course of Foundation.


Class I and II are in the stage of Approach or Abhimukh. The basic skills developed are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) along with developing the concept of numeric calculation and simple problem of arithmetic, knowing the nature and geographical location of the place where they live and can make a journey. The course of learning also includes art and painting, physical exercise and yoga, music and recitation.


The Classes III and IV are in the stage of Ascent or Aaroha. The subjects taught include Bengali, English, Arithmetic, Nature, Social Science, Physical Education, Environmental Science, Song & Recitation and Yoga. Social Science is a unique course of learning for our learners of the Primary unit to have the basic concept of nature, space, geographical idea of all the places on the earth and the course of evolution of life and human progress.


We define Class V as the phase of Transition or Paribritti. The knowledge earned in the stage of Ascent, i.e. in Class III & IV is enriched and effectively applied so that the learners can get well prepared for further course of study in the Secondary level.